Alphabet Soup and Mnemonics

It has to be easy, to be remembered. As proven by Gladwell we remember best, when we remember in threes. So here is a list of my favorite leadership mnemonics, most of them three-letter versions. Each worth an hour of introduction, a day of training and a whole life of practice. And, here, a blue link to the blog post, where I’ve gotten around to a little more elaboration…

Link ElaborationTopicDK
AMPAutonomy - Mastery - Purpose (DK: LIM)Agreements179
CCCConcrete - Constructive - Caring (DK: KKK)Feedback198
PARProblem - Action - ResolutionCommunicaton124
PPPPurpose - Process - Product (DK: MMM)Agreements186
RIPRisk = Impact x ProbabilityPrioritization102
SVPShort - Valuable - Personal (DK: KUP)Communication133
SMARTSpecific - Measurable - Attractive (Assignable) - Realistic - Time-relatedAgreements172
SSSStop - Seek - SortFeedback201
TAOtake Time - make Agreements - be Observant (framework)21
TQPTime - Quality - PricePrioritization 99
VABValue - Attitude - Behavior (DK: VHA)Values60
WIIFMWhat's In It For Me?Communication114

Click in the left column mnemonic to proceed to the blog post. And, as always, do leave a note or contact me directly with comments and questions!

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