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Strong learnings, potent decisions

CCAN Meeting 02

Enjoyed an excellent meeting with the CCAN Certified CoRep Alumni Network yesterday. Excellent rounds and fruitful reflective team exercises. New learnings in …

Designed for Grundfos to capture the four essential initiatives each distance leader should consider

Four Distance Leadership Initiatives

Having just revisited Grundfos — the world’s leading resource preserver and pump provider — for another high-potential assignment, our discussion came across the …

Busy Busy – Where did May go?

Been absent online for about a month, all of May. Not great and please forgive — somewhat fair, given the circumstances which …

Favorite 2012 Apps

Leaving 2012 behind, I’ve updated and moved the recommended App list from Facebook to Bitrain. Better descriptions and links will be added …

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

→ December 19, 2012