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The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.

→ February 3, 2014

Ledelse når du selv er nærmest

Beklager titlen på videoen; workshoppen lød “Ledelse, når du selv er nærmest” — absolut ikke “når du er dig selv nærmest”. Med …

Intervention as Leadership Requirement

Intervention as Leadership Requirement

Had the honor to conduct two real-time appreciate feedback sessions at Systematic, Danish premier software partner for Healthcare, Public Sector and Defense. …

Designed for Grundfos to capture the four essential initiatives each distance leader should consider

Four Distance Leadership Initiatives

Having just revisited Grundfos — the world’s leading resource preserver and pump provider — for another high-potential assignment, our discussion came across the …

Glass Specs Leaves Everything to Apps

Glass Specs Leaves Everything to Apps

Google Glass Specs are out. Interesting and almost intriguing. Not enough, however, to start a revolution. Worked with Wearables from 2001 through …

One Day Nine Realizations

Has been an excellent week. Monday covered all the Unplugged book’s nine realizations in one high-impact session with well prepared participants. Nice …