Bitrain is where online services and digital gadgets are used to create a more fun and more effective lifestyle. Not by waiting for the organization or your surrounding, but doing it yourself through an individual portfolio of tried and tested tips and tricks.

Bitrain is letting the bits fall on smart fields, allowing you to harvest new conclusions through less effort.

At present – spring 2013 – the focus is platform and device independence, placing as much in the secure sky as possible, primarily in four areas:

  • Everyday Business — office, files, notes and todos
  • Family Interactions — pictures, books and music
  • Personal Health — self-monitoring through automated data collection
  • Big Data — what we can do with our long tail of digital foot prints…

To focus on this topic, use the menu above to get to the static pages or select the corresponding category in the right-hand drop-down menu to filter the blog posts accordingly. Or consider viewing the Bitrain Magazine, available on Flipbard…

Looking for BI Training, as in training driven by Business Intelligence (BI)?

Originally the term “Bitrain” combined two aspects of the american endeavor from 2000-2006: Upstream BIT Rain through real-time BI systems and automation data answered by downstream BI Train micro-modules, designed to address the specific shortcomings in the production. Working out of Baltimore MD and San Diego CA, the FKI Logistex subsidiary called LogiLearn helped a significant number of large scale logistics operations become more efficient by better trained and better applied maintenance personnel.

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