Level Five Safety Leadership

Affective Safety is the fifth and highest level of safety awareness:

Level 1:  Protection … fenced of the pit and gave you a hard-hat.
Level 2:  Rules … required you to stay on this side and wear the hard-hat.
Level 3:  Management … told you to follow the rules or else…
Level 4:  Culture … made the team follow the rules even without a manager.
Level 5:  Affective … adds purpose and considers inter-human reactions.

Level 5 allows for the spilt-second consideration and motivational communication that places the safe behavior on the path of least resistance by all parties involved! Level 5 requires you to be prepared; to take the time for safety leadership, make strong agreements and remain observant no matter what.

Level 5 is introduced and trained for both mind and spine in the DONG E&P CoRep Leadership Program.

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