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The unique DONG E&P CoRep Leadership Program is designed to allow each and every offshore Company Representatives to deliver the strongest possible leadership in complex and challenging situations.

To the DONG E&P organization, the ultimate goal is an increased awareness of the leadership role and responsibility, reducing the overall rate of safety Incidents while providing a more efficient execution with less rework.

Right before heading out in to the full scale simulation at Ullriggen, Stavanger
Right before heading out in to the full scale simulation at Ullriggen, Stavanger


The program design was initialized in late 2010 and was first introduced to the outside world at the Offshore Safety Conference in Esbjerg, April 2013. Please consider the introduction and live video clip provided on the pages of OlieGasDenmark, the Danish trade organization for Oil and Gas in Denmark:

For a more detailed and technical description, please consider the ISSC 2013 paper, approved for the International System Safety Conferences trade journal in July 2013:

And the corresponding slide deck on Slideshare:

In addition the DONG CoRep Leadership program is also described in three articles found at the CfL website:


Lastly, from the credit-sharing description on LinkedIn:

New Rules and Roll-out of Essential CoRep Training

Years of internal reviews and regional research have led DONG Energy Exploration & Production — DONG E&P, one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe — to a new set of updated Ground Rules for the essential role of the Company Representative (CoRep).

The resulting focus in the increasingly complex drilling business must be “what not how”, demanding the CoRep to engage with all parties in a safe, professional and meaningful way. This requires more than being right, it requires the greater level of interpersonal attention only found in ASL – Affective Safety Leadership.

Having updated the Ground Rules, DONG E&P engaged with CfL to design and develop a new way to implement and strengthen the corresponding behaviors. The result is the multifaceted and comprehensive DONG CoRep program, of which the satisfactory completion is now a requirement for employment in DONG E&P Offshore Operation as Company Representative.

The project have designed, developed and deployed the CoRep program, including its unique components and comprehensive set of mutually supportive technologies — from playing cards to iPads, business actors and ILO-based offshore coaching.

The program have proven itself in the day-to-day experiences of the CoReps, and DONG E&P continues the efforts, sharing key findings and inviting other CoReps to participate in the program towards an ever stronger human factor in the oil and gas industry.


Additional Information

If you require information on upcoming flows, potential re-purposing for local program needs or would like to become an ASL Certified Trainer, please use the form here:

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