This site receives the clicks from many different initiatives, the major ones found in the menu above and the description here:

  • Affective Safety … understanding emotional interactions to enhance safety.
  • Unplugged … your path to authentic leadership.

And below the More… button:

  • Bitrain … personal use of technology to make life more fun.
  • Externacity … bringing the outside in, tenaciously facing the external world.
  • Prezitrain … understanding and leveraging Prezi for better communication.

There are two types of information: Pages and Posts. To focus on any of the topics above, either use the menu above to get to the static pages or select the corresponding category in the right-hand drop-down menu to filter the blog posts accordingly.

Why English language and not native Danish? At present 90% of all training and consultancy is done in English. Participants in activities related to Unplugged Leadership and Affective Safety are from all around the world, all being comfortable with English.

Given specific events, however, there is pages in Danish only. You can find these by selecting the Danish-tag — essentially sorting the site to show posts only in Danish or English.

Why personal stuff in here as well? Because this site and the blog posts are personal; they are my opinions and thus it is only fair to give at least an indication of my life and who I am. Additional information about myself, may be found at the end of the links provided on the old springboard www.ramsing.us.

Ulrik Ramsing
December 2012,
updated October 2013


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