Real Time Decision Making

Came across the materials on OilGasDenmark’s 2013 Offshore Safety Conference and found the introductory article included in the conference newspaper.

From the Offshore Safety Conference 2013
From the OGD Offshore Safety Conference 2013

A sample quote as it relates specifically to the CoRep program:

When an offshore installation is in operation you are required to bring the right parties together and arrive at the right decisions based upon the strengths of all involved. You need the ability to get people to cooperate – getting the process to continue and at the same time preventing that a conflict develops.

We help the CoRep participants
to find their own strengths and expression – which may pose a particular challenge when you work in a language that is not your native tongue. Therefore the training starts on day one with facilitated role-play and finishes off in an extensive real-life simulation. 
In the final full-day exercise all participants are confronted by professional business actors who recreate the participant’s own challenges in much the same way as live flames in a fire drill.

Through this dry run of truly difficult situations, the participants are far more likely to be able to also handle the tough leadership challenges in real life. The participants are trained in non-confrontational, interpersonal leadership while simultaneously avoiding silently accepting at-risk behaviour. They must step into a situation and interact without causing an unnecessary escalation and/or decision delay.

Download the full article in PDF from Oil Gas Denmark here…

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