Confirmations from ISSC 2013

The 50th International System Safety Conference, ISSC 2013, in Boston last week was quite the event with topics ranging from defense to healthcare and transport, from oil to nuclear and everything in between including cold war history, driverless cars and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Across all discussions there was one common conclusion regarding the conference’s focus on “the human factor”: It is fallible. By MIT’s account constituting no less than 90% of all catastrophic failures.

In this light, my paper “ASL – Affective Safety Leadership” was very well received and the engaged dialogue following the presentation underlined two facts:

  • Increased safety through stronger, real-time interpersonal leadership is a real opportunity across all high-risk, mission critical industries.
  • The affective safety approach developed with DONG E&P appears to be applicable in almost all cases.

Detailed findings and the paper itself will be available within the next few days.
(update: Please follow this link: the paper is now available for download)

ISSC 2013 with Focus on the Human Factor


Speakers, networking and event facilities all supported an environment of professional knowledge interchange, all for the benefit of increased safety in the long run. It was an inspiring week in so many ways.

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