Glass Specs Leaves Everything to Apps

Google Glass Specs are out. Interesting and almost intriguing. Not enough, however, to start a revolution. Worked with Wearables from 2001 through 2005 and the concept has great potential in niche markets such as safety and on-site, realtime capability deployment.

Unless the price is unsustainably aggressive it is, however, not specs that will guarantee mass market adoption. Yes, it will work in niche markets such as Tourism, high-risk environments and co-connected knowledge sharing but it feels like a solution looking for a problem. Much like the Segway, which did for transportation what Glass may do for mobility: Huge hype and great inspiration but little consumer reaction.

Glass does, however, have one thing the Segway never had: Apps. Glass will soar or go stale dependent on the apps that makes the augmented reality truly worth the look.

Google Glass

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