Prezi Out of My Ears … and I’m lovin IT

Have used the TED/Prezi excuse to upgrade and refine my Prezi Library for the spring events. The building blocks and series — for both book and cards — are getting ready and will be put to good use in the upcoming events.

As of now, the present Prezi production preferences:

  1. Drop in you keywords and visuals to brainstorm content.
  2. Move stuff around and use frames to group topics.
  3. Use storytelling background or geometric as “red thread”.
  4. Add and edit the path towards the end
  5. Use zooms rather than fades to reveal content.
  6. Make sure all major content groups are visible in overview
  7. Use overview frame for agenda to satisfy audience
  8. Have fun and remember “if in doubt, it’s out!”

Happy zooming, as always any and all comments are welcome!

My public Prezis are available online, a few are even linked from the Prezi-pages.

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