Happiness and the Leadership TAO — as in Prezi meets TED with Unplugged content

Have used the Prezi-TED Ideas Matter Challenge to build a Prezi that serves three purposes:

  • Prepares content and illustrations I’ll need for the upcoming events.
  • Selects favorite cards/model for the shortest possible Leadership TAO presentation.
  • Showcase some of my favorite audience-focused Prezi techniques.

I know the scope of the contest does not match the submission above. It is, however, what I, in the name of multibility (activities being allowed only if they surve multiple purposes simultaneously), could allow myself to spend time on this weekend.

Please consider showing the Prezi in full screen — it will allow Prezi to curtain of the sides and thus creating the 4:3 scene the design was intended for. Likewise, consider clicking on the beige circles; they contain additional information for the slide.

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