Natural Born Networker? I’m not, but I’m honored to know a few

Natural Born Networkers, NBNs are the interesting ones. Those who always know somebody and gladly help you along without trying to grab the attention for themselves. They could, because they have a lot of good stories to share, but they never do. They are too busy helping others.

You might be a NBN if you…

  • Have a growing inbox with a time requirement that doesn’t wear you out.
  • Substitute your need for time alone with another dinner engagement.
  • Know both musicians and recruiters but neither sing nor need a job.
  • Are asked about tons of things you know preciously little about.

However, you do need appreciation. You deserve it. Try to map out your network — nothing fancy, paper and pen will do; the important ones will come to your hand. Look in your mind’s eye and your unconscious priority list. It will be a big and beautiful tree of relations appreciating your presence; take care not to give yourself completely.

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