Leadership TAO – take Time, make Agreements and be Observant

Authentic, unplugged and sustainable leadership follows the path of leadership TAO – requiring you to take Time, make Agreements and be Observant:

  • Taking Time applies both to preventive, long-term strategic prioritization and to the split second leadership decision amidst complex influences. Taking time requires you to respect your leadership responsibility and to inspect the unexpected. Not just in principle but in the particular, where proactive preparation is the only prevention against panicked overload and poor performance.
  • Making Agreements is the single most important leadership skill; nothing is more important to your leadership capital. Once removed from personally doing the tasks, the long-term leader is entirely dependent on good agreements to get any job done; a motivating and robust agreement still is and will always be the only cure for conflict.
  • Being Observant requires you to realize and react to the yellow lights, not by speeding up but slowing down and engaging with the small uncertainties before they grow in to major errors. With invested time and aligned agreements, there are never reactive control, only appreciative observations.
At the core — like a corporation employing values rather than detailed rule books to allow for individual judgements – the authentic leader leverages conviction and purpose to define his or her personal leadership space which in turn enables fair and transparent decisions regarding both performance and behavior.

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