PAR for the Story … Makes It Compelling

Communication is key, the lifeblood of projects and the reason why so many fail when underserved. Good communication has to be intuitively meaningful to the audience and it is not enough just to be understood! Today your proof is in the subsequent action of your audience; your communication is successful if and only if people is sufficiently motivated to behave differently afterwards.

The good story requires good examples, the easiest and most memorable is the mnemonic P-A-R:

Problem: What specifically is this story about; what conflict makes us identify the situation and make it relevant to us?

Action: What specifically was done to remedy the situation? In broad terms, what are the steps employed that we may later either avoid or repeat, depending on the outcome.

Resolution: Where did we end up? What was accomplished and how was it received?

The model works, as is evident in any three-part action flick; try to time it: The first thirty minutes introduces the characters and defines the problem: “Our hero is accused of murder”. The next 60 minutes kicks around the lead actors, building their character in every sense of the word. After the last plot point, the remaining  30 minutes is spend confronting the villain, taking the fight to their turf. Problem. Action. Resolution. Done.

Talking about action movies and stories, how about a 1:13 minute proof on Youtube?

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