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Jawbone Icon HD w. media player control

Leveraging the Bitrain — the ubiquitous data access we may enjoy at proper and considerate dosages — requires you to pack a decent toolkit.

I carry fewer but better gadgets; one of my favorites being the Jawbone Icon HD.

I went to a shop and made a deal: I would buy the bluetooth headset in the store and not on-line, if I was allowed to swap models until whatever I ended up with worked behaved as intended. On the other hand I promised to explain to the sales staff what all the options and standards truly was all about.

Naturally the sound, noise cancellation of both speak and sound as well as Bluetooth setup had to be near perfect. I tested Plantronics, Jabra and Bose. Sony, Phillips and Nokia never made it out of the box due to inadequate features. In total I changed headset seven times and, quite to my surprise only the Jawbone Icon HD matched my three specific criteria:

  • Easy usable on both ears with only one hand.
  • Light and perfect fit with an optional over-ear-hook for sports.
  • One-handed operation of the Apple media player.

The latter is actually more tricky than one would think. Most bluetooth headsets have “hands free” using either Siri or other voice control. That does not work, requiring you to say “Stop” to kill the audio when ever someone approaches — and they’ll think you’re talking to them!

So you need the little extra remote finesse; click here for the comparison and notice the parameter “Media Player Play/Pause Control”. Not only Jawbone’s own high-end model does this.

So, for an on-the-road bluetooth headset with ultimate support for audio books and music, there really is — as of January 2013 — only the Jawbone Icon HD. Try and let me know how it works for you.

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