Knowledge and Motivation

Little did I know that the slogan designed for LogiLearn Inc. and the American efforts during 2000 through 2006 happened to be the essence of the most important delegation prism, ever.

Our slogan was:

Performance through Knowledge and Motivation.

What we captured thirteen years ago, was the need to address both skill and will in order to create performance. Regardless of the situation, its complexity and time allowed for decisions, you need to look at your team members through the prism of skill and will; knowledge and motivation.

  • Can they do what you agree to? Do they truly and independently know how?
  • Will they do it?  Do they dare and do they want to choose your assignment above all else?

Unless there is absolute certainty about the level of your engagement in each of the two dimensions, you quite simply do not have a robust agreement. Only the truly experienced and self-motivated employees may accept the absence of suggestions and praise, and even they will only do so for a short while.

And yes, the skill/will prism matches perfectly with Situational Leadership and the need to consider how much instruction and how much support is needed for the individual to successfully complete any given task.

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