Affective – More Than Effective

Peter F. Drucker coined the difference between management and leadership in the famous quote:

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

The difference between Effective Safety Management and Affective Safety Leadership is, however, more than the manager vs. leader, the “who and how” vs. “what and why”. The smaller and yet increasingly more important difference is between the E and the A. Effective vs. Affective.

Effective is on the Getting Things Done and Seven Habits side of the equation. Affective is on the Motivational side, understanding how the individials of your crew reacts in a complicated and stressful situation where there are no established rules or procedures. And, yes, the crew is both the ones you know and the external experts you just met and have about 15 seconds to learn well enough to motivate in to the next action.

Affecive Safety Leadership requires all the usual leadership skills and more. You must be effective, but you also need the in-the-moment, unplugged disciplines — from good comunication, strong agreements, coaching and feedback to the continual and near instant understanding of emotional reactions, decision patterns and fundamental motivational factors across cultures.

Not easy, just very, very important.

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