Photos from PC to Mac

Have finally settled on a photo solution that may work. 11 years of PC-based photo management have left 84.000 photos in the care of ACDSee, where the best Pro version on the Mac is 2.0. The metadata and ranking may be catalogued from the folders after the PC-version wrote all metadata in to the files. It worked although the process took 4+ days on my Mac Book Pro (MBP) resting on a Targus Chillmat with double fans to avoid overheating…

Cataloging images in ACDSee Pro 2.0
Cataloging images in ACDSee Pro 2.0


In essence the solution leaves the 84.000 legacy photos on an external Western Digital USB 3 disk, which I view using ACDSee Pro 2.0 on the Mac. All later photos are managed through iPhoto with few options handled by Apple Aperture, all running on my MPBs SSD disk.

Two systems; but there is no way to merge and there is no way I can loose the original rankings!

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